Zoology. Original steel engraving engraved by H. Winkles after G. Heck. 1856. No title on the plate. Good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20cm. Matted.
1-3. Garrulus Glandarius, Jay, 2. Nucifraga Caryocatactus, Nutcracker, 3. See 1., 4. Paradisea Minor, Bird of Paradise, 5. Paradisea Regia, King Paradise Bird, 6. Paradisea Superba, Superb Paradise Bird, 7. Paradisea Sexsetacea, Six Shafted Paradise Bird, 8. Trochilus Moschitus, Ruby Topaz Hummingbird, 9a. Trochilus Ornatus, Magnificent Hummingbird, 9b. Trochilus Colubris, Humming Bird, 10. Trochilus Delalandii, De Laiande's Hummingbird, 11. Trochilus Minimus, Smallest Humming Bird, 12. Trochilus Cristatus, Crested Hummingbird, 13. Trochilus Macrourus, Swallow Tailed Hummingbird, 14. Buphaga Africana, Beefeater, 15. Sturnena Ludoviciana, American Lark, 16. Icterus Baltimore, Baltimore Oriole.

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