Roman Utensils and Artifacts

Ancient Rome. Original steel engraving engraved by H. Winkles after G. Heck. 1849. No title on the plate. Good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20,5cm. Matted.
1. Center: Dinner Arrangement, 2-3. Couches, 4. Folding chair, 5. Chairs, 6. Chair of a Consul, 7. Table, 8-9. Candelabra, 10. Palladium (a Vessel supported by Statues of Minerva), 11. Font, 12-18. Urns, 19-21. Bowls, 22-25. Fonts supported by Tripods, 26. Sarcophagus, 27. Domestic Altar, 28-34. Clasp-Pins and Rings for Women, 35-47. Finger and Ear Rings, 48-49. Styli, Instruments for Writing and Engraving, 50-51. Seals, 52-57. Keys, 58-59. Dice, 63-65. Knife and Fork Handles.

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