Architecture: Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite (Part 2)

Antiquity. Original steel engraving, engraved by H. Winkles after G. Heck. 1849. No title on the plate. Very good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20cm. Matted.
1. Tuscan Order, 2. Doric Order, 3. Ionic Order 4. Corinthian Order, 5. Composite Order, 6. Tuscan Column Arrangement with Arches, 7. Tuscan Pedestal, 8. Doric Entablature, 9. Details of the Doric Order, 12-13. Illustrating the Reduction and Torsion of Columns, 14. Scotia of the Atic Base, 15. Doric Door, 16-19. Balusters.

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