Apollo and the Hours

Mythology. Original steel engraving, engraved by Kimmelmann after J. G. Heck. 1849. No title on the plate. Very good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20cm. Matted.
1.The Nine Muses, 2. The Muse Calliope, 3. The Muse Clio, 4. The muse Polyhymnia, 5. The Muse Euterpe, 6ab. The Muse Urania, 7. The Muse Thalia, 8. Mnemosyne, 9a. Flora, 9b. Vestal Virgin, 10a. Aurora, 10b. Medusa, 11. Apollo and the Hours, 12. Dionysos as God of the Sun.

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