Ancient Egypt: The Zodiac

Ancient Egypt. Original steel engraving engraved by H. Winkles after G. Heck. 1849. No title on the plate. Very good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20cm. Matted.
1. Egyptian Symbol of the Sun, 2. The All-seeing Eye, 3-5. Sacred Ships, 6. Egyptian Amun, 7. Nubian Amun, 8. Kneph Mendes or Pan, 9. Athor with the Dove, 10. Isis upon a Lotus, 11. Statue of Isis, 12. Isis as a Cow, 13. Isis as a Star, 14. Isis nursing Osiris, 15. Osiris upon a Cow, 16. Osisris with the Serpent, 17. Amun, Isis and Osiris, 18. Hermes as Ibis, 19. Horus, 20. The Bull Apis, 21. Typhon, 22. Ailures, 23. Serapis as the Sun, 24. Serapis and the Seven Planets, 25. Harpocrates, 26ab. Sacred Jugs, 27a-c. Egyptian Family Idols, 28. The Sistrum, 29. The Sacred Camel, 30. The Egyptian Zodiac, 31. Priests and Priestesses of Isis.

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