Pompeii, Street of Tombs

Pompeji. Stahlstich von H. Winkles nach G. Heck. 1849. Guter Zustand. Kein Titel. Handkoloriert. 25x20cm. Mit Passepartout.
2-4. Roman Tombs, 8-10. Urns and Vases Finely Wrought, 11-12. Large Water-Bowls, 13-15. Vases on Tripods, 16-19. Candelabra, 20-22. Pitchers and Flasks, 23ab-24-26. Bowls, 27-30. Lamps, 31-33. Torches, 34. Case for the Preservation of Manuscripts, 35. Basket, 36-41. Kitchen Utensils, 42-46. Drinking Vessels, 47-48. Knife Handles, 49-50. Sickles, 51. Congius, or Measure for Liquids, 52. Grain Measure, 53. Granite Bath, 54-55. Skimming Ladles, 56-59. Articles Connected with the Toilet. Center: The Street of Tombs in Pompei

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Plates, Engraving, Stiche, Gravure, Roman Empire, Empire Romain, Pompei, Pompeij, Pompeii