Court of the Mosque of Osman in Constantinople

Turkey. Original steel engraving engraved by H. Winkles after G. Heck. 1849. No title on the plate. Very good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20cm. Matted.
1&2. St Peter´s Basilica in Rome, 3-5. Cathedral of Pisa, 6&7. St. Mark´s Church in Venice, 8. Court of the Mosque of Osman in Constantinople, 9ab. Cathedral of Bonn, 10-11. Ruins of a Latin Basilica near Athens, 12. Plan of the Church of Navarino, 13. Side Portal of St. Nicodemus´s Church in Athens, 14. Choir of St. Theotokus´s Church in Constantinople, 15-23. Details from Byzantine Edifices, 24. Plan of the Church of St. Agnes in Rome, 25. Plan of the Basilica in Tyre.

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