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Absalom's Tomb, Valley of Josaphat

Absalom's Tomb, Valley of Josaphat P011556

Holy Land. Original steel engraving engraved by A. Krausse after G. Heck. 1849. No title on the plate. Very good condition. Hand-coloured. 25x20cm. Matted. Figure
1-2. Egyptian Sphinxes, 3-6. Altars, 7. Table, 8-14ab. Pitchers and Vases, 15-19. Cups and other Drinking Vessels, 20. Bowl, 21. Dipper (Simpulum), 22ab. Royal Necklace and Sceptre, 23-24. Ethiopian Royal Headgear, 25. Numidian Royal Headgear, 26. Armenian Royal Headgear (Kidaris), 27. Dacian Headgear, 28. Sarmatian Headgear, 29. Scythian Royal Tiara, 30-31. Persian Royal Tiara, 32. Assyrian Tiara, 33-37. Indian Caps, 38. Assyrian Helmet, 39. Phrygian Cap, 40ab. Assyrian Headgear 41-45b. Indian Necklace and Girdle, 42. Chinese Imperial Cap, 43-45. Fans and Fly-Brushes, 46. Persian Covering for the Feet, 47. Persian Fan, 48-50. Persian Drinking Vessels, 51. The Rock-Tomb of Midas in Asia Minor, 52. Rock-Tombs at Persepolis, 55-75ab. Carthaginian Coins and Medals, 53. Monument near Tortosa in Syria, 54. Absalom's Tomb in the Valley of Josaphat, near Jerusalem.
Plates, Engraving, Stiche, Gravure, Perse, Persia, Coiffes, Tiares, Caps, Tiara, Headgear, Absalom, Avshalom, Kidron Valley, Qidron Valley
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